I'm Trevor, a Swift developer working mainly in iOS 📱. This blog is where I share my learnings, thoughts & insights. Thanks for reading!

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My Realistic Physics Contribution to ConfettiSwiftUI

I was recently working on my Wordie app & needed some confetti to celebrate a victory when the user guesses the correct word. I built the app completely in SwiftUI so I started searching for a confetti library I could drop in...

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Debug Xcode Scheme Pre & Post Actions

Going along with my previous post about auto incrementing build numbers in Xcode, I thought it might be useful to share how I debugged Xcode scheme pre & post actions. Normally these actions don’t show error messages...

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Auto Increment Your Build Numbers

If you're like me you probably get tired of manually incrementing your app build number in Xcode. After a few hours of testing I finally nailed down a simple solution that works on Xcode 13.2.1. Let's dive right in...

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Building your first widget - Step 2

In step 1 we created the widget extension target & got it running on the simulator. Now let’s look at the basic parts of a widget. You’ll notice that Apple created a folder with your widget name & made a template file for you...

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Building your first widget - Step 1

It was pretty cool when Apple gave us widgets with iOS 14. Finally we could customize our home screens with something more than just app icons! This is a simple walkthrough of how to add a widget to your app & what to put in...

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Handle Multiple Async Callbacks with DispatchGroup

The first time I heard of a DispatchGroup was a few years into my iOS career - my teammate mentioned that he used it in his pull request code. He said this DispatchGroup made it easy to wait for multiple async callbacks...

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