I'm Trevor, a Swift developer working mainly in iOS 📱. This blog is where I share my learnings, thoughts & insights. Thanks for reading!

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SwiftUI Divider Colors & Thickness

Another SwiftUI post coming your way! This time we’ll take a look at Divider and how we can change its color. As nice as it would be to change the divider color with tint or foregroundColor, we can’t do it that way 😭...

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SwiftUI Alert With Styled Buttons

SwiftUI is the best thing since sliced bread, but I often come across simple problems that take longer than expected to sort out. Take for example an alert where I want to style the buttons. In my specific case it was a confirm...

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My Realistic Physics Contribution to ConfettiSwiftUI

I was recently working on my Wordie app & needed some confetti to celebrate a victory when the user guesses the correct word. I built the app completely in SwiftUI so I started searching for a confetti library I could drop in...

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