I made a Swift syntax highlighting app

TLDR; Here’s a link to my app repo. Enjoy :)

If you’re a Swift blogger like me, you probably have to come up with some easy way to highlight code syntax on the web. After some searching I came across Splash which was created by John Sundell (he uses it to highlight code on his blogs). I installed Splash as a command line tool, but as you can imagine it was very painful to copy/paste many lines of code in and out of the terminal. I envisioned something much more user friendly 🤔💭

About an hour later I had a SwiftUI app up, running & generating highlighted Swift for me! Thankfully Splash is set up as a Swift package so it was easy to use as my app’s translating engine. I’ve actually used the app to highlight the Swift code in my last few blog posts, and it makes my life much easier. My project is public on Github so you can see how it works & do some syntax highlighting yourself if you ever feel the need. Let me know if you like it!

See you next time 👋🏻